Using the latest technology and design systems, we are building sports clubs for the future

  • From simple extensions to new-build projects, we are committed to growing the game

    Fun sports clubs can be the social hub of their communities, and also deliver huge health benefits


Building clubs
for the future

Our mantra is simple: the more you save on the exterior, the more you can spend on the fun stuff inside.

New clubs

We are delighted to be working with clients who love squash and want to develop a new style of operation that is affordable, sustainable and profitable. Funding bodies prefer to work with multi-sport venues than stand-alone, single-sport clubs. By providing a wider range of facilities, you will achieve a deeper penetration into your local communities, provide significant health benefits for that community, and develop new revenue streams in the process.


New courts

Melior Sports is the UK distributor for the fantastic interactive squash courts produced by the innovative Fun With Balls company based in Munich. Interactive Courts and fun Game Walls will help to attract a younger membership. Visually stimulating, these courts will act like a magnet to a younger generation who have grown up playing games on their mobile phones. Step on to an interactive court and those children will be ramping up that gaming experience in a whole new and exciting way, and getting plenty of healthy exercise in the process. Oh yes, we also construct traditional courts with a choice of options including plaster, panel courts, glass backs and all-glass courts with moveable walls. Moveable walls can help you to switch easily from singles to doubles play and create greater space for training, coaching and fitness activities.


New ideas

We play squash inside a box. To create clubs of the future, we need to think “outside the box”. Squash club operators are running two businesses side by side: a sports club and a bar. Both need different skill sets to keep the premises busy and buzzing seven days a week. Managed properly, you may well end up generating greater revenues from your daytime fitness classes and cafe sales than you do from your traditional squash and bar revenues in the evenings. Please talk to us about adding Padel, Pickleball and Interactive Courts, plus other fun games like Interactive Darts that could transform your social revenues. Embrace technology. Embrace the future. And then embrace the increased revenue streams.


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About Us

The Squash 200 Consultancy has been set up to create sports clubs for the future. Our ideal mix of sports includes facilities for squash, racketball, padel, pickleball and table tennis, coupled with an excellent gym and spacious, welcoming social facilities.

Our mission is to create affordable, accessible and sustainable family sports clubs that deliver health benefits for the whole community.

We provide a one-stop solution to help you save money while building the club of your dreams.

Our team of partners and associates can help clients on every step of the journey, from the initial concept and site visits to the design and planning stages, all the way through to the ultimate delivery of your dream club.

By keeping a tight control on building costs, we can help you manage your start-up budgets.

We can help clubs and clients save money on exciting new-build projects or by adding simple extensions to existing facilities.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are creating several key elements to make clubs safer and healthier places to play.


The Squash 200 Consultancy partners are Lee Evans (a former professional rugby union player and owner of the South East Steel construction company), Nick Thompson (squash fanatic and owner of the Melior Sports court building company) and Alan Thatcher (Editor and Publisher of Squash Mad, Tournament Promoter and Founder of World Squash Day).

Following a successful World Squash Day in 2019, a leading figure in Australian squash said: “Can one man make a difference to a sport? The answer is Yes, if that man is Alan Thatcher.”